critical campaigning steps

Decide What You Need


Supporting your Work

Your campaign will likely require goods, materials, services, etc. Some of these items you might be able to get donated, but others you may need to purchase with money (or points!) A budget is a list of all of the expenses or costs that you expect your campaign or project will require. When you have a carefully constructed budget, you can approach potential funders or donors to see if they will contribute to your work.

Developing a Budget

Here are a few tips on creating a strong budget for your campaign:

  • The more specific you are in your budget, the more the funder is likely to trust that you did your homework and you know what you’re talking about.
  • The more careful you are with expenses (not asking for a lot of stuff you don’t need to achieve your goal), the more the funder is likely to trust you to use their money wisely.
  • The more you demonstrate that you’ve convinced others to invest in your vision (this is called a “match” or matching funds), the more the funder is likely to trust that your plan is solid because others already believe in it. Match can be money, or it can be the value of donations - for example, the value of time, donated materials, or services.

Matching Funds

In some cases, a funder might require you to raise a certain percentage of what you're asking for yourself and to demonstrate that you have MATCHING FUNDS.

Match funding can come from various sources including:

  • Money you have already raised for your campaign
  • Supplies or Services that have been donated to your campaign
  • The “sweat equity” or “donated time” that adults are giving to your campaign.

Ocean Heroes Booster Packs

With the points your Squad earns through your campaign design and implementation process, your team can choose between some cool Ocean Heroes Booster Packs to support your work. Booster Packs include kits of materials and samples you can distribute, discounts on supplies such as straws or bottles, opportunities to get mentorship, services such as graphic design or social media support, access additional training opportunities, scholarship funds to other events, and more! Visit the OH Dashboard to learn about featured Booster Packs.

In Your Campaign Planner

  • Complete your Budget table that explains your anticipated expenses and the match you've raised
  • Provide any explanation of your Budget you think is necessary
Now that you've figured out your funding, let's figure out how to show your voice!