Ocean Heroes Spotlight

Seyi Moejoh Leads Africa’s First Ever Litterathon!

November 10, 2020

Oluwaseyi ‘Seyi’ Moejoh’s (19 / Lagos, Nigeria) connection with Ocean Heroes Network goes back to 2019 when she was invited to attend the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Although Seyi relentlessly pursued the necessary travel documents to travel to attend Bootcamp, she was unable to join us in Vancouver. But that didn’t stop her commitment to engaging with Ocean Heroes. We continued our conversations with Seyi and learned about the great work she was doing in Nigeria as the founder of U-recycle Initiative

Peace Moejoh, Oluwaseyi

When Ocean Heroes Bootcamp went virtual in 2020, we invited Seyi to serve as a Squad Leader of the Anglerfish squad for the Ocean Heroes virtual Bootcamp 2020. Following Bootcamp and through connecting with her Squad and fellow Squad Leaders, she has continued to  strategize creative ways U-recycle Initiative could mobilize African youth across the continent remotely --  the Litterathon Challenge was born.

collage of Seyi's Litterathon Challenge

The Litterathon Challenge was a cleanup that engaged young Africans to pick up as much litter as possible in a day, but its impact extends much further than a single day cleanup. The Litterathon utizilied an Ocean Hero Network partner - Litterati, an mobile app that allows participants to snap a photo of all the litter picked, which is then geo-tagged and - through artificial intelligence -  classifies the item, the brand, and geo-tags the location so that data can be used to influence policy and supply of pollution sources.

The Litterathon Challenge was the first ever of its kind in Africa, rallying over 95 African youth from 18 cities in 7 different countries. While the measurable goal was to collect and remove 10,000 pieces of litter from the environment, Seyi says the ultimate goal is to “mobilize and inspire African youths to engage in the global environmental movement against waste pollution, irrespective of their locations, and create awareness to deter people from littering.” 

Seyi speaks at global recycling day 2019
Seyi speaks at the 2019 Global Recycling Day

Moving forward, Seyi’s team plans to host more Litterathon Challenges with the long-term goal of engaging and inspiring tens of thousands of youth in African countries and beyond. Interested in learning more about Seyi and future Litterathon Challenges? Follow Seyi and U-recycle Initiative on Instagram or email info@urecycleinitiative.org for more information!

Want to make a difference in your community?

Seyi has this advice to offer - “Our actions matter! Our planet needs you to act. I believe you have a lot in you to create change, and there's a lot you can do to mitigate plastic pollution. You can start with the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse Recycle). You can LEARN more about the problem, DITCH unnecessary single-use plastic (like plastic straws, cutleries, styrofoam etc.), SWITCH to eco-friendly metal or bamboo alternatives, and lastly EDUCATE others about the need for them to act too. Lastly don't forget to Stop Littering! It is very harmful to our environment. You can join us on our next #LitterathonChallenge. “

More about Seyi

Seyi (19 and Ocean Hero Alumni 2020) is an Environmentalist from Lagos, Nigeria, a current law student at the University of Lagos, and co-founder of  U-recycle Initiative. She was the 2017 Global Goal Six Ambassador at The Neo Child Initiative Africa (TNCI) and has engaged over 2,000 girls on projects focusing on recycling, clean water, and sanitation. She also runs a small business called Artfully Moe that makes handcrafted items like tote bags, hair bands, and more.