Real Life Superhero Robbie!

Robbie as a Marvel Superhero!

Robbie is the founder of a non-profit organization called Kids Speak For Parks which is dedicated to educating kids about the importance of the national parks and monuments. In June, Robbie attended the 2018 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp and formed a partnership with Klean Kanteen and Litterati to extend his campaign to eliminate single-use plastics in national parks and marine protected areas. “Our government needs to hear from us, the youngest amongst us, that our national parks are not for sale,” Robbie said about his work. “You can’t get the parks back once they are taken away.”

Robbie has visited over one hundred national monuments and through Kids Speak for Parks, is creating virtual reality (VR) tours for people, especially kids, to experience the beauty of nature wherever they are. He currently shares his travels and stories with schools all over the country, and hopes to inspire people around the nation to appreciate and protect nature for future generations.

In 2020, Robbie became a real-life superhero through Marvel’s Hero Project, becoming Roving Robbie in his own comic story created by Marvel writers and artists! He has also been featured on the Marvel’s Hero Project TV Series, available to watch now on Disney+! You can read more about Robbie and see his comic book story here on Marvel’s website.