Ocean Heroes Spotlight

Precious Plastics: Recycling Plastic into a Reusable Future

February 20, 2020
the team assembles the plastic up cycling equipment
Co-founders of Precious Plastics: Antoine and Eden

Precious Plastics, a student-led organization at Pearson College UWC co-led by Ocean Hero Linnea, is working to create treasure out of trash with their campaign. This project aims to reduce the production of plastic waste on campus and fight marine plastic pollution, through recycling and reusing old materials.

The team’s goal is to drastically reduce plastic waste production on campus and raise awareness about plastic pollution issues worldwide. The idea is to recycle plastic picked up from the beaches or collected from our campus. To do so, the team is using machines designed by the organization Precious Plastic in the Netherlands, and partially purchased with a grant provided by the Ocean Heroes Network.

The machines are able to melt and mold the plastic into reusable containers, bowls, cups. The products made from the recycled material are then sold, and the proceeds are used for the maintenance of their school facility and student-run initiatives.

Using their ingenuity, and with support from the Ocean Heroes Network, Linnea and her fellow students are promoting sustainability in the Victoria area and helping to preserve the environment of British Columbia!