Winners Selected in Plastiki Artivism and Awareness Challenges!

September 28, 2020

What do you get when Ocean Heroes harness their ingenuity and creativity for artivism and awareness? Award winning ideas. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends at Plastiki, six Ocean Heroes have received $500 grants for their inspiring work as young change-makers and their dedication to environmental activism. 

The Plastiki Ocean Artivism Prize and Plastiki Ocean Awareness Prize were awarded to recent Ocean Heroes Bootcamp alumni and Squad Leaders who submitted a campaign planner through the dashboard.

Ocean Activism Prize Winners

Every Ocean Artivism Prize Winner receives a $100 voucher for art supplies, and a $400 donation in their name to art or environmental initiatives at their school, or to a charity of their choice tackling ocean issues.

Cash Daniels

Cash Daniels (11) is a two time Ocean Hero Alumni (2019, 2020) from Chattanooga,TN. He received Plastiki’s Ocean Artivism Prize for an art piece that repurposes cardboard and plastic bottle caps he collected from his community into a kaleidoscope of color, mimicking the flow of the ocean around coral reefs.

My art is to bring awareness to plastic pollution and our ocean,” says Cash, “I love the ocean and want to do anything to raise awareness for our environment and art is a great way to do that.”

Cash donated his $400 prize money back into The Cleanup Kids, which he co-founded with fellow Ocean Heroes Ella Grace and Zoe Williams. 

Cash Daniels Artivisim Submission
Michelle Garcia Artivism Submission 1
Michelle Garcia Artivism Submission 2

Michelle Garcia

Michelle Garcia (14) attended Ocean Heroes Bootcamp for the first time in 2020. She has won the Plastiki Ocean Artivism Prize for her clever lyrical expression of the plastic crisis in comic-strip form. 

“I believe that education and making a behavior change is important to bring a global change about plastic pollution,” says Michelle.“Kids and adults don’t know how they’re contributing to plastic pollution and how it is connected to racism, climate change, and other issues.”

Michelle donated her $400 prize money to the Chatahoochee River Keepers. She is from Tucker, GA.

“You see it everywhere  / It’s even in the air / What I’m talking about is Plastic Pollution /You’re part of the Plastic contribution / We need a solution /But I see you on the streets still contributing / Do you even know what you’re distributing It starts its motion / To end up in our oceans / Even all the way to the Arctic Ocean /It ends up in sea animals and fish /And you wish you didn’t see this /But it is the truth /And you’re the impacted youth / So bring on the change / No matter the age / You got the power / And this is the Golden Hour.”

Emi Larsen

Emi Larsen (16) is an Ocean Hero Alumni (2019) and Squad Leader (2020) from Oro Valley, AZ. Emi received Plastiki’s Ocean Artivism Prize for a tapestry of a blue Saguaro Cactus made out of strips of aluminum.

Emi donated her $400 prize money to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, where single-use plastic bottles are banned. 

“I am selecting this organization because the museum is where I work and where we created the Blue Saguaro Project,” Emi says.

The Blue Saguaro Project ties the desert and the ocean together to teach youth about the impact plastic has on our environment. It tells the story of how plastic from Arizona, a landlocked state, ends up in the ocean.  

Emi Larsen 1

Ocean Awareness Prize Winners

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Zoe Williams 

Zoe Williams (10) is a two time Ocean Hero Alumni (2019, 2020) from Talent, OR. She received Plastiki’s Ocean Awareness Prize for her campaign Prevention of Plastic (POP), which focuses on replacing single-use plastic utensils in the Talent/Phoenix School District. 

“It costs the school district about $440 per month for the plastic utensils. If they buy metal utensils, it would cost about $670 TOTAL to start this program, for the entire school district. That’s one fork and one spoon for each student." says Zoe.

Zoe plans to share her research with the school district in October, and to use her Plastiki grant money to help fund their transition to reusable utensils. 

Soha Sewani

The first thing that caught my eye about this opportunity was definitely The Plastiki itself - the fully recyclable boat made entirely of plastic bottles and cashew nut glue. I feel completely aligned with the mission of The Plastiki in order to enhance further awareness surrounding plastic pollution and emphasize the importance of maintaining the health of our oceans.” - Soha Sewani (15)

From Sugarland, TX, Soha has won the Plastiki Ocean Awareness Prize for her work with Keep Sugar Land Beautiful to get single-use plastic bags out of her local grocery stores. A portion of her grant money will supply grocers with samples of alternative bags for customer use; the rest will go back into Soha’s campaign to help her set up an information booth, to make signs and to purchase advertising like billboards and web hosting. Soha attended Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in 2020.

Soha Sewani

Chanté Davis

Chanté Davis (16) is an Ocean Hero Alumni (2019) and Squad Leader (2020) from Spring, TX. She has received Plastiki’s Ocean Awareness Prize for her work as founder of One Oysean, a campaign dedicated to amplifying BIPOC youth within the environmental movement. 

“My campaign will use behavior change to restructure the conversations around BIPOC in nature, inspire the youth to engage in STEM-related activities, and redefine BIPOC’s role in environmentalism ” says Chanté.

One Oysean intends to communicate its message across social media and beyond by creating content that centers BIPOC voices in the fight for clean seas, and a better world. Chanté will use her grant money to purchase camera equipment and nature park passes for One Oysean.


In March of 2010, David de Rothschild and a small crew of adventurers sailed from San Francisco, CA to Sydney, AUS on 12,500 recycled plastic bottles. Their 20-foot catamaran was called Plastiki and she was made entirely of PET plastic and a glue derived from cashew nuts. Their mission was to sound the alarm on plastic pollution in our oceans and become a symbol of future-forward design. Along the way, they shared their discoveries and life onboard with followers around the world. The legacy of the Plastiki expedition is about sharing that spirit of adventure and inspiring creative solutions to eliminating plastic pollution altogether.