Ocean Heroes Outposts

Around the world, there are young people passionate about protecting the health of our oceans and ready to do something about it. Through in-person intensives and remote online resources, Ocean Heroes HQ trains youth to understand the science and problems behind plastic pollution, empowering them to take a stand for the oceans and create lasting change in behaviors, businesses, and government policy. Let’s get started.

As an Ocean Heroes Outpost, you will utilize the Ocean Heroes content to deliver Basic Training to engage and empower youth in your network. We have created a step by step guide that will help you lead your youth through joining the Ocean Heroes Network and develop their campaigning skills.


The Outposts will be supported by Ocean Heroes collaborating partner Ocean Wise. Based in Vancouver, BC at the Vancouver Aquarium, Ocean Wise is an international leader in ocean education, conservation and research. The Ocean Wise team will be available to offer guidance, coaching, and virtual learning opportunity to Outposts and their participating youth.

What you will need to be an Ocean Heroes Outpost

  1. A point person/coordinator for communication with Ocean Wise and Ocean Heroes Network.
  2. Campaign Planner (Print 1 per youth)
  3. Outpost Call Schedule

There are 10 “Steps” in Ocean Heroes Basic Training. Coordinators may activate one step per meeting with their youth or combine the steps into one meeting. Ocean Wise will offer regular video check-ins to support your progress, but your pace is up to you and the schedule you have set with the youth.

Outpost Sign-Up

Interested in hosting an Ocean Heroes Outpost? Fill out the form below to get in contact with us about hosting Ocean Heroes Meetups, facilitating training, or offering other Ocean Heroes resources to young people in your community.