Issue 01


Created by youth activists, for youth activists.

Steps to Becoming an Ocean Hero

Step 1: Basic Training

If you are new to Ocean Heroes, or if you have joined a Bootcamp but have not earned 500 points, you need to start by completing an online Basic Training.

Step 2: Join Bootcamp

Once you have completed Basic Training, or if you have joined Bootcamp before and earned 500 points, you can register for a Bootcamp

Step 3: Submit your Plan & Get to Work!

Once you have submitted your Ocean Hero Campaign Plan, you are an OFFICIAL Ocean Hero. Time to get to work!

Find OH-WAKE in Print

OH-WAKE is a new quarterly Magazine from Ocean Heroes HQ with everything you need to build community, find inspiration, and learn how to apply your skills for a future with clean seas. Read more about the new project in our press release. Annual print subscriptions available for supporters.