Ocean Heroes Spotlight

Supergroup - The Cleanup Kids!

September 30, 2020

Cash (12 / Chattanooga, TN - USA) and Ella Grace (10 / Ajax, Ontario - CA) met at Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in 2019 and instantly formed a bond, banding together to take action for the ocean. Since leaving Bootcamp in 2019, they focused on different campaigns:

  • Cash - Focused on reducing plastic pollution (mainly fishing line) in the Tennessee River through placing recycling bins, outreach, and education of fishermen in his area.
  • Ella - Focused on converting local businesses up the street from her home, near a high school, to convert to SUP alternatives (straws and utensils) after seeing plastic pollution up and down her street in Ontario.

After Bootcamp in 2019, they kept in touch, talking regularly (daily) and continuing to build upon their friendship and strategize on environmental issues. 

They both attended Ocean Heroes (virtual) Bootcamp in 2020, and worked together to create a new campaign together titled The Cleanup Kids.

The Cleanup Kids is focused on all things conservation. Through their weekly videos on Youtube, they bring conservation focused news stories from around the globe, including calls to action, and ideas on how other youth can get involved in their own communities. Each week they focus on a specific issue, and occasionally host special guests, most recently Andrew Cooper, co-founder of 4Ocean. Upcoming guests include fellow Ocean Hero Robbie Bond, Founder of Stream2Sea -  Autumn Blum, Regi Domingo of the Nakawe project, and Natural Geographic Explorer Filipe DeAndrade.

Stay tuned for the launch of their forthcoming website where they will be engaging and educating hundreds of youth around the world to collect and capture one million pieces of litter through the Litterati app. Beyond collecting plastic (and other types of) pollution from their communities, by utilizing the LItterati app, this data will be consolidated and help inform communities and policy makers on the types of pollution (and brands that contribute to this pollution) that should be diverted from the ecosystems.

More to come from The Cleanup Kids...in the meantime, subscribe to their Youtube channel and follow them on Instagram!

Interested in learning more about the Cleanup Kids or want to be featured on their Youtube series? Reach out to them here: hello@cleanupkids.org

More about Cash 

Cash Daniels (12 years old and Ocean Hero Alumni 2019, 2020) is an ocean activist from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is the 2x winner of the Tennessee Wildlife Youth Conservationist of the Year award and the winner of the Plastiki Prize for Artivisim. He leads monthly river cleanups in Tennessee and manages a monofilament recycling program to turn fishing line into fishing habitats. 


More about Ella Grace

10 year old, Ella Grace has always loved the ocean. After watching the film Sharkwater by her hero Rob Stewart, she decided that someone needed to do something to help save sharks and the Ocean. She realized she was someone and decided to use her voice to stand up for what she loves most. The ocean. Ella speaks to children and adults about the importance of protecting our oceans and the damage that single use plastic is causing. Ella has spoken at Sea Shepherd events, featured in several documentaries and is a finalist of the Loggerhead Marinelife Center Go Blue Hatchling award