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FloWater Refill Station Contest

Looking for a way to get your community single-use plastic-free? We're teaming up with the Rob Machado Foundation to provide five FloWater filtered water refill stations (value of $5K per station) to schools or community centers located in the United States that commit to going single-use plastic free.

These stations will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis - so get pitching!

In order to qualify, Ocean Heroes must secure the following agreements from your school administration:

  1. Your school or community center must promise to schedule the installation of the water refill station within 3 months of securing the grant;
  2. Your school or community center must agree to stop distributing or selling single-use plastic water bottles within one calendar year;
  3. Your school or community center must agree to explore options for eliminating all single-use plastic items within the next 2-3 years;
  4. Your school or community center must promise to take on the ongoing maintenance costs of the refill station, which can be $500-600 per year;
  5. The Ocean Hero (YOU!) must provide information to your peers about the plastic problem and why a refill station is part of the solution. 

Ocean Heroes interested in applying for this grant must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have participated in an in-person Ocean Heroes training in the last year;
  • Must be in a school or community center that is U.S.-based (50 states)

About the Refill Stations

FloWater’s state of the art purification system removes impurities (like lead and chlorine) while adding key electrolytes and essential minerals, balancing pH, and uses activated oxygen for chemical-free sanitization. The end result is water with a crisp, fresh taste that most people (in blind taste tests) significantly prefer to both tap and Fiji bottled water! 

FloWater refill station

How to Apply

Download the Application Packet using the form below, then use the questions to help you develop your pitch to convince your school or community center to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles! Once you have convinced your administration and facilities managers, complete the application form and get the necessary signatures. There are two forms that you’ll need to get signed - one by your administrator and one by your facilities manager.

Once you’ve got a complete application packet (a completely filled-out application form plus two signature forms), submit it through the Ocean Heroes Headquarters online portal. Remember, this is a contest, so the faster you get this done and submitted, the better chance you have to win a FloWater Refill Station!

Have any questions? E-mail us at!

Ready to submit?

Get the Application!

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  • If you are age 13 or under, enter a parent or guardian's email.

About The Rob Machado Foundation

Rob Machado and refill stations

The Rob Machado Foundation was founded upon the fundamental belief that our planet needs to be taken care of, and there’s no better place to start than with our local communities. What started out in the early days as the introduction of gardening programs at local schools -- encouraging students to connect with the land they live on and the food they eat -- has evolved into a water filling station program across a growing network of schools and public places that helps deliver clean, filtered water while encouraging reusables over single-use plastic water bottles.

While this is the core focus of our foundation, we supplement our efforts to keep plastic and other trash out of our waterways with trash and recycling solutions at beaches, schools, surf events and local beach clean ups.

We believe our youth are the stewards of our planet. We believe communities can come together to impact change. And we believe the future starts here.