2018 Bootcamp Champions


Madison is 12 years old from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is passionate about reforming the criminal justice system. Pointing out that three million Americans are in prison and she suggests, why not get their help in cleaning up the environment? Madison is proposing to have prisoners get paid to collect plastic pollution. By doing this, prisoners help clean the environment, and get paid for their work whether it be in money or service hours. She believes this will give the prisoners a positive view on the environment. She asked the panelists to join her in getting the government and private prison sponsors to allow the prisoners to help clean the ocean.

  • Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Age: 12
  • School: Lake Castle Private School

Madison's Pitch

Madison's Campaign

Hi, I’m Madison, and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. I am here to talk about my organization idea called OceanReform. Did you know a tenth of the world’s population is in prison? That is over 11 million people. Most prisoners in both public and private prisons are required to perform manual labor, and often receive very little if any compensation. The labor performed by these prisoners often benefits the government or the prison, but the prisoners usually receive no actual rehabilitation or preparation for life after prison. The health of our Oceans is a problem that affects everyone, including those in prison. Prisons contain millions of people that can lend a hand in cleaning up our oceans. In exchange, prisoners can receive compensation in the form of money toward commissary, credit toward their time, and job training related to the clean up efforts. In addition to the tangible benefit to the prisoners, the prisoners can also receive the benefit of greater mental health. The ocean is a very healing place. Also, being confined has been proven time and time again to be bad for mental health. Allowing prisoners time at the ocean could reduce mental stress, possible reduce prison violence, and hopeful reduce recidivism. So join me in convincing our government to allow prisoners to participate our clean up efforts.