Booster Kits

Give your Ocean Heroes campaign a boost with these exclusive kits and swag! Use the points you've earned through activities as part of your campaign to get these exclusive items by using the Booster Kit Request form at the bottom of this page.

More items are always being added, so be sure to check back often!

Check Your Spending Points

Unlike the Leaderboard, which shows how many points you've earned in total over time, this chart shows the points you have available to spend on Booster Kits. Your Spending Points total will decrease as you spend points - and increase again as you earn more!

Important: Spending points on booster kits will NOT affect your point qualification for Bootcamp 2020! As long as you have earned an overall total of 500 points or more, you have met the point qualification.

Check Out the Available Kits!

Cafeteria Demo Kit

Show your school administration how you can go plastic-free with examples of compostable cups, lids, bowls, trays, and paper straws!

100 Points

booster-3 copy

Cafe/Restaurant Kit

Use this kit to show cafes and restaurants ways they can replace SUP takeout items with eco-friendly alternatives! This kit includes samples of hot cups and lids, bowls, take-out clamshells, and paper straws.

100 Points

Stasher Bags

Use these 10 Stasher bags as incentives for people who sign SUP pledges, petitions, and other demand-side actions!

available only in north america

400 Points

Ocean Heroes Tumbler

Hydrate like a Hero with this exclusive Ocean Heroes Tumbler!

600 Points


Sip 'n' Swag

Rep ocean health with this eco-friendly t-shirt and reusable bottle, courtesy of S'well!

available only in north america

1000 Points