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Enter to win a free FloWater Refill Station!

Help your school go plastic-free with a FloWater Refill Station provided by the Rob Machado Foundation and Ocean Heroes Headquarters!


Campaign Leaderboard

Last updated: March 3, 2020

Where do you fall on the leaderboard? Remember, you need to earn at least 500 all-time points to qualify for Ocean Heroes Bootcamp 2020!

Important: "All-time total" means the total number of points you have earned as an Ocean Hero. This number will never decrease, even when you spend points on Booster Kits!

Campaign How-To's

Ready to put together a campaign to stop single-use plastic? Check here to make sure you complete each step of making a successful OH campaign!

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Are you ready to share your campaign planner with us? This is the first step towards earning points as an Ocean Hero!

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Booster Kits

Check out the awesome items we have available right now to help you in your Campaign and turn in your points to request them!

Grant Final Report

Have you received and spent grant funds from Ocean Heroes HQ? Send us a report letting us know what you did!

Campaign Final Report

If you've finished your Ocean Heroes campaign, report here on your activities and success!