Making a Sustainable School with Coda

A surfer and advocate, Coda Christopherson is an active defender of the planet’s oceans at age 10. After attending the 2018 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp, she left determined to convince her school to stop offering plastic straws to her peers. Coda’s compassionate nature and steadfast determination inspired the community and the entire Manhattan Beach Unified School District agreed to go strawless!

To guide and help others that are trying to do the same thing, Coda established Strawless School, an initiative to stop the use and disposal of plastic straws at schools by educating students about their impact on the ocean and providing eco-friendly alternatives. Strawless School provides students and administrators with eco-friendly solutions for public schools that seek to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet, and teach students about the importance of reducing waste.

After the 2018 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp, Coda gave a presentation at her school and got 200 students to join the Strawless School Squad and stop using plastic straws. She then successfully campaigned to get plastic straws pulled from Manhattan Beach Unified School District, and enlisted 800 people to take the Strawless School Pledge and stop using single-use plastic straws!

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