Ocean Heroes Basic Training

May 4, 2021

Announcing: Ocean Heroes Basic Training

If you are a returning Ocean Hero, this will not come as news to you -- being a successful Ocean Hero is hard work, but it's worthwhile! And for Ocean Heroes who have participated in Ocean Heroes Bootcamp once, twice, or even three times before, you know that Bootcamp can be a LOT of information at once.

In order to make sure everyone who joins a Bootcamp gets the most out of the experience, the Ocean Heroes HQ team has developed and is excited to announce - Ocean Heroes Basic Training!

Basic Training is an online set of modules that walk through the fundamentals of the Ocean Heroes Network and designing an effective Ocean Heroes Impact Campaign Plan. The information provided in Basic Training is mostly delivered by real-life Ocean Heroes, speaking from experience! All of the material provided is intended to help rising Ocean Heroes develop their Big Ocean Hero Idea -- kind of like a pre-plan for the Ocean Heroes Impact Campaign Plan.

In addition to the online modules, there is also a regular schedule of live group discussion sessions where rising and returning Ocean Heroes can discuss their ideas for how to tackle plastic pollution and other threats to our ocean.

Starting in 2021, completing Basic Training and submitting a Big Ocean Hero Idea is a REQUIREMENT for new Ocean Heroes, and for returning Ocean Heroes that did not submit a Campaign Plan and has not earned 500 points. But everyone is welcome to check it out!