Ocean Heroes Bootcamp
Guardian Resources

Raising young activists and Ocean Heroes can be rewarding and challenging for parents, guardians, and caretakers. For that reason, the Ocean Heroes HQ Team offers resources and opportunities for Ocean Heroes Guardians to learn, discuss, and connect.

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There is a Facebook Group specifically for Ocean Hero Guardians, where we discuss issues and post resources.

OHvBC Videos for Guardians

ocean heroes context

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff
What is an Ocean Hero?
How a turtle sparked a revolution


Goldie Hawn & MindUp
J Nichols - intro for guardians
Sherri Brisson & Shadow's Edge
Ocean Heroes, Meet Shadow's Edge!

OHbc panel discussions

Science of Plastics Panel
diversity equity & inclusion panel
Climate & Plastic Nexus

Ocean Heroes campaign guidance

Communications 101 - Danni Washington

Guardian Campaign Resources

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Want to continue the conversation and join a community of parents, guardians, and caretakers raising young changemakers and activists? Join the Raising Ocean Heroes Facebook group for helpful resources and conversation from around the world.