strategies for change

Changing Business

Businesses and organizations that sell or provide single-use plastic items (including bars & restaurants, schools, event venues, hospitals, airlines, etc.) have to weigh various, sometimes competing, factors:

  • What do customers want and expect?
  • What is cost-effective?
  • What helps them comply with legal requirements?
  • How are their practices perceived by the market?

Effectively changing business practices to reduce plastic waste requires educating businesses that single-use plastic is a waste of money & resources, and negatively impact the communities where they are doing business.


Things You can Do

  • Do a plastic audit for a school/business/community
  • Write a letter to a business urging them to stop their use of plastic bottles (or other single-use plastic)
  • Speak to a Major Decision Maker
  • Organize a full community clean-up and send plastic trash to major decision-maker to illustrate the plastic problem

Examples in the News

Dollar Stores and BPA

This National Geographic article highlights the harmful chemicals used in cheap plastics, and how low-income and vulnerable communities are especially affected.

Reusable Packaging are coming to Walgreens and Kroger

The reusable wave is coming to stores across America, giving shoppers the opportunity to buy products in reusable packaging.

Trader Joe's to cut 1 million pounds of single-use plastic from its stores

Trader Joe's outlines how it will cut down on its use of single-use plastic.

Businesses taking action on plastic pollution

This article lists how major companies across the globe are making efforts to reduce their use of single-use plastic.

8 amazing companies that are solving the plastic problem

This article provides a list of some amazing companies making a huge difference in the fight against ocean plastic!

Toolkits for Businesses and Schools

Plastic Free Venues

A guide for taking large venues plastic-free

Plastic Free Schools

A guide for taking schools plastic-free