critical campaigning steps

Recruit Your Squad


Beating plastic pollution is no small feat but it will be easier (and more fun) with a team! Recruiting and forming your Squad is the very first step because you will want everyone working on your campaign to feel the same commitment and ownership of the work and pride in what you accomplish. If you don't have friends or others that share your passion, it's okay - you will probably recruit a team of partners and supporters along the way!

People to Recruit

Friends and Family

The first people you'll want to turn to for help is friends and family. Ask them for help getting a great plan started. Also consider asking them to help with putting the plan into motion, like spreading information, helping with community clean-ups, or putting up posters!

Influencers & Organizations

Take a look at people and organizations, whom lots of people know and listen to, who might be interested in your cause. Reach out to them via letters, e-mail, or even social media to ask for help in spreading the word about your cause.

Community Leaders

Depending on the strategy you've chosen, you'll want to find out who the leaders in your community are who can make a huge difference with their decision. Leaders of clubs and organizations, business owners, school principals and government officials are all leaders who are able to make your campaign a success.

In Your Campaign Planner

Be sure to include the names and email addresses for your Squad on the summary page of your Planner. You should designate one team member as the Captain who will be the primary contact with Ocean Heroes HQ about your campaign.

Now that you've got your team assembled,
it's time to do your research!