critical campaigning steps

Launch, Manage and Monitor Your Campaign

Manage and Monitor

Now that you've submitted your campaign, it's time to put it into action! Planning your campaign is just the first step: now, it's time to put in the work and get started making a change. This might be hard at first, but keep working hard to achieve your goal and beat plastic pollution!

As you progress in your campaign and achieve your goals, make sure to check back in at the Ocean Heroes Dashboard, so you can report on your progress, talk with other Ocean Heroes, receive useful tips and resources, and see where your campaign stacks up on the Leaderboard!


Are you ready to get out there and stop the flow
of single-use water bottles from reaching our oceans?

Once you have completed your Ocean Heroes Campaign Planner, make sure you submit it here. Your campaign will be featured on the Ocean Heroes Challenge dashboard and the points you earn as you implement your plan will help you earn points towards Ocean Heroes Booster Packs.

Be sure to visit the Ocean Heroes HQ Dashboard to connect with other Ocean Heroes, see how other campaigns are going, and to learn about all kinds of cool opportunities.

Have some progress to report?

If you have made significant progress with your campaign, report a milestone to Ocean Heroes HQ! You'll gather points based on the goals you've achieved, and see how you're contributing to the Ocean Heroes 2020 Challenge!