campaign toolkit

Critical Campaigning Steps

At Ocean Heroes HQ, we recommend following these eight critical steps to designing an effective campaign.
Each of these steps gives you in depth information and advice on how to create a successful campaign to beat plastic pollution!


Recruit Your Squad

Heroes rarely go it alone. Your squad should include people who share your passion and represent a wide range of skills and talents who will help make your campaign a success.

Do your Research

Know the facts behind the issue you are addressing. Understand what and how others are talking about the issue you are trying to solve through your campaign. Ensure that you gather as much data as possible to help inform your mission.


Define the Problem

Figure out what specific issue is affecting your community, and what your campaign can help solve.

Select Your Strategy

Do you want to change laws, or change business practices, or change behaviors? Your campaign strategy will define how you create your entire campaign, your message, marketing communications strategies, and what tactics you will use to ensure you reach your goal.


Define Your Success

What does success look like for your campaign? How will you measure it? Defining a SMART Goal for your campaign means being specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.

Determine What You Need

Your campaign might require different things to be successful - things, money, expertise, publicity. Sometimes you can get those items donated; sometimes those items require money. A budget is a tool to help you identify the things you need, how much they will cost, and how much money you might need to raise. It also helps you communicate your plan to people who want to help you.


Define Your Voice

How are you going to get the word out? You might consider using digital, traditional, and artistic media to develop your campaign voice and get the attention of your audience!

Launch, Manage, and Monitor

Once your campaign is designed, it’s ready to get your message out there! Make sure to go through your launch checklist to ensure your campaign starts off set for success.


If you haven't downloaded your Campaign Planner, do so then get started!