Checking in with Ocean Heroes New Orleans!

Published January 13, 2020

OHNOLA recycling pic

Who We Are

Ocean Heroes New Orleans has been working hard towards plastic pollution solutions in their community! OHNOLA is a group of local students aged 10-18 who came together after Ocean Heroes HQ hosted Bootcamp in New Orleans during Spring of 2018.

Luc at OH Satchmo Fest

What We're Up To

After Bootcamp, we began to meet routinely at a local library to work on our campaign. We have successfully hosted several awareness booths, presented to local politicians, convinced several schools to make plastic free choices in their cafeterias, and educated several local restaurants about plastic-free choices.

We have also hosted field youth study days and educational trips and have an open enrollment policy so other local youth always feel welcomed to get involved. A fun way and respectful way we get the attention of local changemakers was to send over 300 Lost Love Letters using snail mail and following up a week later asking if they received our letter.

This fall, we had the opportunity to travel to Texas last Fall and work with Diane Wilson’s team whose grassroots efforts lead to a $50 million dollar fine for Formosa Industries. Next Summer, ten of us will be traveling to Costa Rica to help with local Sea Turtle Conservation efforts!

Tips and Tricks

We think the most important thing to consider when putting a campaign together is to HAVE FUN! This global plastic epidemic will not be solved overnight and many times we will all hit obstacles and negativity, but if we continue putting having fun while advocating change, together, WE CAN DO THIS!

If you are interested in following our local efforts or if you want more information on how you can make a difference in your own community, please follow or DM us at #OceanHeroesNewOrleans on Facebook and Instagram.