Campaign How-To's

Step 1

Download the Planner

Download and fill out your Ocean Heroes Campaign Planner. You can create a campaign as an individual or team up with other Ocean Heroes!

Step 2

Submit Your Campaign

Once you've planned your campaign using the Planner,
submit it to OHHQ for us to review and send you tips, advice, or even cool items to help you succeed!

Step 3

Submit Your Progress

Once a month, we'll ask you to report your campaign progress. For each activity you report, you can earn points to spend on cool stuff like Ocean Heroes swag, and climb up the leaderboard with your fellow Ocean Heroes! If you are part of a team, each individual team member can submit their points based on the activities you've done both as an individual and as part of a team! If all members of your team participate in an activity together, you'll all be rewarded full points!

Step 5

Complete Your Campaign

Once you've achieved your goal and completed your campaign,
submit a report all about it to OHHQ for us to review and tell us all about your success!