Campaign Toolkit

Ocean Heroes Campaign Planner

Campaigning 101

Before we get started with the Ocean Heroes Campaign Planner, it's helpful to define what exactly we mean by campaign. A campaign is a series of actions that are meant to achieve a particular result--It's a plan for creating a change you want to see! Strong campaigns share a few common traits:

  • FOCUSED - Effective campaigns have a specific (measurable) outcome as the goal and a plan to achieve that goal.
  • STRATEGIC - How you decide to create change should take into account the research you have done, an understanding of the context in which you're working, and a recognition of who you are trying to reach and what their needs are.
  • PATIENT & PERSISTENT - Change can be hard and slow, but it's important to stick with it, learn from mistakes, and adjust accordingly.

Ocean Heroes Campaign Planner

The Ocean Heroes Network has created a campaign planner to help guide the development of your campaign to eliminate single-use plastic items in your community. This planner should ideally be completed by your team or Ocean Heroes Squad who is going to work together to create change for the oceans. When you have finished creating your plan, submit it back through the OH Network section to qualify for support and grants.

  • *If you are under the age of 14, have a parent or guardian enter their email address here. If you are 14 or older, you may enter your own email if you have one.

Ocean Heroes Campaigns - Points & Prizes

When you are finished developing your plan in the Ocean Heroes Campaign Planner, be sure to submit it back here at OHHQ so we can help you succeed and award you the 25 points you have earned by completing the planner. Throughout the campaign design process, you'll see other activities you can complete for additional points. Once you start implementing your campaign, you'll be able to earn lots of other points. You can trade in these points for Booster Packs: services like graphic design or social media amplification, mentorship, opportunities for additional training by partner organizations, scholarship funds, and even cash grants.

Campaign Success Stories

Want to see how other Ocean Heroes have succeeded in their campaigns?
Take a look below at just a few examples of Ocean Heroes making waves!

Chloe Mei has convinced the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, Saddleback Valley Unified School District, and Capistrano Unified School District for a total of 128 schools to stop using plastic straws and offer only biodegradable alternatives!

Lea has inspired the Arcata City Council to draft ordinances requiring all single-use disposable food service ware be compostable, allow businesses to charge a “take-out” fee to encourage customer use of reusable containers, and prohibit the sale or distribution of single-use plastic water and/or beverage containers at City facilities and events.

Robbie worked with Patagonia in the Midterm Matters Campaign to make sure everyone voted for politicians that support our environment, and visited with Bipartisan Congressional Offices to advocate for the Every Kids Outdoors Act!