Ocean Heroes Virtual Bootcamp

JUNE 26 - JULY 1 2020

Join the ranks of the #oceanheroes - an elite group of 500 youth from around the world, taking action for the ocean across 30 Squads and 6 days of challenges, live events, webinars, and networking. Learn how to fight plastic pollution and become an Ocean Hero!


What is Ocean Heroes Bootcamp?

Ocean Heroes Bootcamp (OHBC) is a global gathering of youth activists committed to working for a healthy ocean. OHBC is an annual event of the broader Ocean Heroes Network, the mission of which is to empower existing and emerging youth leaders to create their own campaigns to take action against ocean plastic pollution. The campaigns created by Ocean Heroes support the achievement of UN SDG 14.1 by 2025.

When is OHvBC 2020?

OHvBC will take start on the same date as the original in-person event was scheduled - beginning on Friday, June 26, 2020 and extending for six days to July 1, 2020.

Where will this year’s OHvBC 2020 take place?

OHvBC will be right here, online! Ocean Heroes who register (including having their guardian submit the Participant Waiver) will be granted access to a password protected, unpublished website where all activities and tools will be accessible.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, youth ages 11 to 18 can participate in Ocean Heroes virtual Bootcamp.

Is there a cost to register for Ocean Heroes Bootcamp?

Nope! Our top priority is to keep Ocean Heroes Bootcamp accessible to any person who wants to participate. All you need is access to the internet and an internet-enabled device to join the OHvBC.

What do I need to participate in Virtual Bootcamp?

  • An internet-enabled device computer or laptop would be best, but most content and tools are accessible on a smartphone. Checkout the list of tools we’ll be using, to make sure your phone can access their features
  • Internet; again, please reference the set of tools we’ll be using below, to make sure your internet will support their features.
  • Webcam (optional) to support Squad and mentor meet ups on Zoom.
  • Writing utensils, paper, and art supplies for Bootcamp projects and activities
  • An email address is needed to sign up for most profiles or accounts you’ll need to access
  • We’ll also be using some online tools that you may be asked to download and/ or create an account for. These will likely include:

**Please note that many of the above websites have age restrictions and may require your parent to create an account for you, or parental permission to create an account. Many of these websites, such as Zoom, CrowdCast, and Google Drive, do not require you to create an account to access files or meetings. Please be sure to follow all age guidelines and restrictions set out by these individual websites.**