Campaign Tips: Notes from OHHQ

Behind hello@: Top Tips for a Strong Campaign Plan

December 1, 2020

H Storck is the Youth Impact Manager for the Ocean Heroes Network. Since the Bootcamp in June, they have reviewed and responded to more than 100 Campaign Plans from Ocean Heroes all around the world!

We at OHHQ had a few questions for H about the campaigns they reviewed and what makes a strong campaign plan.

H Storck

OHHQ: First thing is first, how did you read more than 100 campaign plans and keep them straight!? 

H: Oof...that was difficult! Luckily, our community of Ocean Heroes has clearly put a lot of effort and love into their planners and each one stood out in its own way. 


OHHQ: And what was your FAVORITE Campaign Name?

H: Little Litter Everywhere! I’m a sucker for an awesome alliteration! (Shout out to Anniston Almond from Smyrna, Georgia!)


OHHQ: What are some of the most common challenges facing the ocean that Ocean Heroes are looking to address in their campaigns? 

H: We are still seeing many campaigns focused on changing consumer behavior and business practices. This continues to be a very important campaign focus, especially considering the ways society is acclimating to life during the pandemic. I am also super pleased to see that many Ocean Heroes are taking the lessons they learned at OHvBC and are using them to create their own community education-focused campaigns! Empowering another wave of Ocean Heroes to step up for our Planet is truly a great way to ‘pay it forward’!


OHHQ: Are there any campaign plans that were really strong in their use of data to support the problem they identified? 

H: Yes! We received many campaigns that were made even more impactful with the concrete data included. Imagining 93,000 lbs of Mardi Gras beads being pulled from storm drains in New Orleans is almost unfathomable! Knowing that one school sells upwards of 550 SUP bottles each week was upsetting. In both cases, I was able to comprehend the true impact of SUP items in these two communities because of the facts that were presented. These specifics really help your community and investors buy into your campaign!


OHHQ: What are some of the most creative strategies that Ocean Heroes are proposing to address the problems they have identified?

H: Artistically speaking, we’ve seen Ocean Heroes creating unique music and videos to get their message out! Practically speaking, we’re seeing more campaign teams span continents to increase their impact. It’s truly heartwarming to see that teamwork in action!


OHHQ: If you could offer three pieces of advice for writing a strong campaign plan, what are they? 


  1. Get specific! Not only does this help the HQ team understand your plans and how we can support your goals, it shows other investors that you’ve thought through the myriad steps that all build into the big change you’re working towards!
  2. Utilize your strengths and creativity! Sure, we all want to rid the earth of SUP forevermore, but we can still have some fun while we work towards that goal! Whether you’re an artist, musician or community activist, creating a campaign that expresses how passionate you are is a surefire way to garner attention and support. 
  3. Know when it’s time to reach out for help. Campaigning for the health of our planet is TOUGH work! It can sometimes feel like there is too much that needs to be done, too much for one person to tackle..Assembling a campaign team allows you to lighten that load while growing the reach of your campaign! 

Thanks H for the awesome tips! Have a question for H and the OHHQ Team? Send us an email any time!