Ocean Heroes Spotlight

Art for Activism: Coral's Quest

February 20, 2020

Zoë, a 10 year old shark and ocean conservationist, has a dream to rid the world of plastic pollution. Through her campaign entitled Coral’s Quest, she is using art and writing to spread awareness about the harmful effects of plastic pollution to marine life in a way that is both creative and effective.

After working hard to educate her family and friends about protecting sharks and fighting plastic pollution by speaking to classrooms, Zoe began writing letters and peacefully campaigning on the streets in her hometown. Then she came up with a creative idea of creating a children's book to help spread her conservation message.

Along with Sandra Aros - another student who is studying illustration - Zoe created “Coral’s Quest,” an illustrated children’s book that tells the story of a shark who becomes human to teach humanity about the dangerous of single-use plastics. After creating a successful fundraiser through Kickstarter, Zoe was able to publish her book, and is available to purchase here.