About Ocean Heroes


Ocean Heroes Unite!

Around the world, there are young people passionate about protecting the health of our oceans and ready to do something about it. The Ocean Heroes Dashboard connects these young people, providing them with training, resources, support, and a community of fellow Ocean Heroes who are working to save the oceans from plastic pollution.

Ocean Heroes Training

Through in-person intensives and remote online resources, Ocean Heroes HQ trains youth to understand the science and problems behind plastic pollution and work to create tangible change in the fight to save our oceans from plastic pollution. Through our online toolkits and in-person training, we're empowering youth to take a stand for the oceans and create lasting change in behaviors, businesses, and government policy.


Ocean Heroes Bootcamp

Each year, our partners organize a three day intensive event to empower existing and emerging youth leaders to create their own campaigns to take action against ocean plastic pollution. From understanding micro plastic pollution to learning the ropes of digital media, our partners will empower youth with tools needed to beat plastic pollution, and make a change!

Ocean Heroes Partners