Letters from Ocean Heroes

A Letter from Heather Brockbank: A Gen Z Call to Action

January 11, 2021

* A Gen Z Call To Action*

Hey, I’m Heather Brockbank! I am a youth environmental ambassador from The Bahamas. I am a proud Squad Leader from the 2020 Regional Ocean Heroes Caribbean Bootcamp and had a terrific time engaging with all of the speakers and courses represented on important topics.  This experience really emphasized for me that as environmental ambassadors it is important that we find our voice in order to create change.


I found my voice in 9th grade when I was fostered under the Waterkeepers Bahamas’ leadership and environmental stewardship program, which really helped me to understand the impact that I had on the environment and the importance of spreading the word to those around me. In my early years of high school I was a shy person, but after I found my voice through leadership training and studying the environment and the threats we face, I became a more ready and active person to address these issues.

Now, as a whole Youth body, I find it important that we each take advantage of this new year to find our voice and the driving force for the things that we are passionate about. How many years have we put off the opportunities to be Changemakers? We say to ourselves “I'll do it next month, or next year; when I'm older or wiser, or have more authority.” Truly, if there is anything 2020 has taught us, it is that life is fragile and isn't guaranteed every day. Therefore we are called to make a change in "The Spectacular Now," the one where the Youth have more impact in the world around us than any other generation by far and are a driving force for influential change.

We often hear the saying about preserving the environment for future generations and in that sense we speak of the children and the children to come, but we the children have to preserve it for ourselves. Many times we find that bigger corporations or persons of impact do not care for a change unless it directly benefits them. We were raised with the mindset that the Youth has to be silent, wait their turn. Well, now is our time: our time to make a difference. We no longer say that we want to be the change we see in the world, but we exemplify it through our actions and the effect we have on others. In my charge to you as a Youth body we are called in this fresh new year to take advantage of our power as Youth and harness our voices as the true Changemakers of today.